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Sony D-EJ360 PSYC CD Walkman (Blue)
Average Customer Review: 3.5 out of 5 stars
list price: $89.99
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France

Editorial Review

Street Style headphones, cool color, and fabulous features make the DEJ360 PSYC CD Walkman a pleasure to look at and to listen to. Skip-Free G-Protection technology boosts the laser pickup's shock protection to minimize read errors that would otherwise interrupt music, providing quick recovery from both horizontal and vertical shocks.

The player delivers 40 hours of playback on two AA batteries (not included) bolstered by Sony's two-position automatic volume limiter system (AVLS), which conserves batteries and guards hearing by capping listening level. Eight playback modes include shuffle, program play, and repeat play, and handy bookmark playback lets you program favorite songs from multiple CDs and play them back at the touch of a button. Other features include a heat-resistant lid for durable outdoor use, audio CD-R/CD-RW playback, and Digital Mega Bass sound for heavy-duty low-end reinforcement. ... Read more


  • Skip Free G-Protection technology eliminates or reduces skipping during many active uses
  • Bookmark playback function for easy programming--recalls designated favorites from multiple discs
  • Includes stylish PSYC accessory clip and PSYC tag and Street Style headphones
  • 40 hours long playback with 2 AA batteries (not included)
  • 2-position automatic volume limiter system (AVLS) conserves batteries
Reviews (72)

4-0 out of 5 stars A sleek little machine.
I love my neat little red cd player.I've had it for over a year, and it has served me well in that time.It has superb sound quality, insanely long battery life, and it's very sleek.However, I now have to seek a replacement, as a two 1/2 foot trip to the floor seems to have destroyed it; it will play discs, but it will pause and skip every second or so, and it makes hideous noises when it starts to spin the discs.My only complaints about it are:

I hate those wrap around headphones
It wouldn't play most of my burned cds (I only have a few, and most of them refuse to work in this, while my old crappy cd player worked fine with them)
Such a fall should not have ruined it.Durability is a must for portable items such as this.

3-0 out of 5 stars Great Little Player
A couple years ago I got this great little player. It worked great!The sound quality is amazing.It runs on 2 AA batteries that take a long time to run out of juice.Why I gave it 3 stars was becuase after a few years, it started to skip.Sometimes you would have a long pause in the middle of a song.I thought this was the CD, but when I but it in another CD player it worked just fine.My other complaint is that it is pretty heavy.It also would have been nice if they put a belt clip on it.Anyways, this is a great portable CD player for just listening while traveling etc. (Just don't use it when playing sports or working out.I almost broke mine from that.)

5-0 out of 5 stars Excellent, cheap, no frills cd player
This is an excellent cd player, especially for the price. If you're looking for lots of fancy options, this one won't do but all the basics are here. It has a wide range of options on the volume control. It's relatively skip free (not good enough for exercizing with but fine other than that). The included headphones are decent quality, as long as you like the type that go behind your neck. Extremely long battery life is another plus. Mine has stood up to being dropped on a hardfloor and played with by a baby as well, so it's not flimsy. The only problem I have had was with disks that are dirty it will skip, but a quick cleaning of the disk fixes that problem. ... Read more

Asin: B00008RS98
Subjects:  1. psych, sonypsyc, sonie, sonee, sone, soney    2. de-j360, j360, dj360, dej-360, dej306    3. dej36, dej360-blue, dej360b, dej-360b    4. portable cd, discman, disc-man, walk man    5. dje-360, dje360, dej360    6. Portable Compact Disc Player (Personal CD)   

SONY D-CS901 S2 Sports CD Walkman(R) / MP3 Player
Average Customer Review: 4.5 out of 5 stars

US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France


  • Active Control Playback Operation
  • 2-Line / 10-Character Dot Matrix LCD Display
  • Supports ID3 Tagging & CD Text
  • Easy Access Folder Function
  • Supports MP3 Bitrates From 8 to 320 Kbps
Reviews (11)

5-0 out of 5 stars Great player......
I was able to fit all 3 discs of Queen's Greatest Hits onto one cd.....and I still could have put on 6 more complete discs of songs......and that's only on the highest quality!First things first.....I saw a review on here with a person complaining about the beep that went off whenever you push a button and that there was no pause feature........... Read the manual......You can turn off the beep and there definitely is a pause feature (you push the play button...notice the double bar symbol under the triangle.)Anyways, this player has great sound and never skips.The radio that has the weatherband and tv features isreally great.It's just an overall perfect player.The only thing that I don't like are the headphones.No, it isn't because of a bad sound quality......It's just that I don't like putting things inside my ears...especially when the things aren't a tight fit allowing them to move around and be annoying......... Anyways...... Amazing player.......I strongly suggest it.

3-0 out of 5 stars Recharging issues; a bit large for running
My DCS901 MP3 disc player did not recharge the batteries recommended by Sony.I tried two different battery sets and now I'm sending the unit back in for repair.Also, I think it is too large for running comfortably.It is bulkier than the Sony Sport Walkman tape player that I previously used and I wanted to get away from that bulk.I would prefer a small flash MP3 player.Volume was almost not loud enough in noisey areas.

5-0 out of 5 stars Near perfection for runners - with a *warning*
Quick warning: when I first got this mp3 player, I thought it was great in theory. But when I started using it I found it skipped like crazy. After several months, I tried my fourth - yes, fourth - brand of CDR discs, and now it never skips. Seriously, it hasn't skipped once in months of heavy use. This thing is very picky about its media! The CDRs I am using now are Memorex 700MB.

I love this mp3 player. I use it when I am running to listen to audio books and sometimes for music. My audio mp3s tend to be very large/long files, so a good resume and the ability to fast forward/rewind quickly were important to me. The D-CS901's FF/Rewind are real, not just 2x speed like most mp3 players. You can zip through an hour long mp3 in a minute or two. And the resume is perfect - it ALWAYS starts where you left off - unless you take the CD out, then it forgets.

The thumb control is absolute perfection when running. Some reviewers have said their thumb bumps the volume by accident - I guess it's a hand shape issue because I do not have this prob at all.

The so-so sound quality overhead-ear-plug headphones are actually perfect for running. They don't mind getting sweaty like hphones with pads, and they are light as feathers. Plus, having the plugs pushed into your ears helps you hear even when near traffic.

The fact that the player is waterproof is pretty handy when it is raining. Rain? So what!

There are some minor negatives. The hand strap is a little narrow and I can't get it quite as snug as I'd like it to be. The narrowness of the strap causes some discomfort. The other negative is that I wish I could crank the volume up just a bit more. Even with a regular music CD it feels like Sony decided loudness is bad for you. Hey, can't I make that decision myself? ... Read more

Asin: B00006G2OM
Sales Rank: 39226
Subjects:  1. Portable Compact Disc Player (Personal CD)    2. Portable Audio    3. MP3 MP 3 Player    4. CD (Compact Disc) Players combo (combination)   

Sony MHC-RXD5 Compact Stereo System
Average Customer Review: 4.0 out of 5 stars
list price: $300.00
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France

Editorial Review

This Sony mini hi-fi component system contains a stereo AM/FM tuner, a three-CD changer, dual tape decks, 120 watts of total amplification, and a pair of three-way/6-ohm speakers. Special features include digital tuning, Dolby noise reduction, surround sound, sleep and wake timer functions, high-speed dubbing, DJ effects for looping and flashing CDs, and karaoke (microphone not included). The RXD5 also includes stereo inputs and outputs for connecting additional components, as well as an output for a superwoofer (often referred to in these parts as a subwoofer). The included accessories are an AM loop antenna, an FM lead antenna, a remote control (including batteries), speaker cords, and speaker pads. The warranty on parts, labor, and accessories is for one year. ... Read more


  • 20 FM/10 AM station presets
  • 60 watts per channel
  • 3-way speakers with 6-inch woofers
  • 3-disc CD changer with play exchange
  • Dual auto reverse cassette deck with Dolby B
Reviews (1)

4-0 out of 5 stars A big fat boomin' system for under $300. What a country!
The RXD5 has everything I expected from a mini hi-fi system: Big fat sound in a compact size plus lots of useful features. I got it to listen to dance music (drum 'n bass, breaks, house, techno, trance) the way it should beheard: loud and clear. Comments below are based on this annoyingstuff.

Here's what I've discovered in two days. With the bass boostactivated (3 settings: Off, Normal, High) the low end is pretty damn fat.So fat that it will carry through the walls even at low volume. If yourmusic thumps and you want to listen at a comfortable level, while doinghomework or reading let's say, just hope your neighbors and roommates arethe understanding kind. You can't trim the bass separately, only turn offbass boost. Still sounds okay, but just okay if you like a full range.There are 10 EQ presets: Rock and Jazz work best for dance music IMHO(boosts lows and highs). The Dance setting has a flatter high end--I likemy snares and cymbals extra crispy. There are also settings for Action,Romance, Drama and Sports, for "soundtracks and special listeningsituations" says the manual. None of 'em ought to be used for music.There's also a Flat setting. A "Groove" button cranks everythingup: switches the volume to "power" mode (subtle but noticeableoverdrive), changes the EQ curve (to what, I don't know) and kicks bassboost to High. You can Groove and adjust each independently, e.g. leave thevolume in power mode and set your own EQ preset and bass boost setting.

Iwent home at midday to TURN IT UP and I couldn't discern any distortion. Itdelivers nice clean sound. Wish I could do that at 10 p.m. I also wish themids and highs were a little snappier through all that bass but it's morethan acceptable. It's not muddy at all, just not super crisp. My roommatedoesn't care either way, but she wasn't home so nyah nyah.

You can'trewind or fast-forward a cassette while a CD is playing, they use the samebuttons. You can change CDs while listening to a tape, but not whilelistening to another CD.

The jog dial lets you jump to specific CD tracksand select your radio presets. It also fast-forwards and rewinds thecassette, one click per song if there's silence between songs. (It's anadvanced EMSS search that lets you stop at the second/third/fourth... songfrom where you are instead of just the next or previous song.) The cassettedeck also has standard FF and REW; press again to continue playing thetape.

Biggest disappointment for me (it's minor but annoying) is the CDchanger which is a little loud and clunky-sounding when it's doing itsthing, a vibe-killer if you're trying to seduce your date with a continuoustwo- or three-CD mix. *Might* not hear it over the moaning... It might alsomar your morning experience when you use the Wake To Music feature.

Don'ttip the unit too far while CDs are loaded. I was hooking up the FM antennaand one disc ended up on top of another. There is a lock function for safetransport. It locks the changer mechanism, not your CDs; remove your discsfirst.

You can synchro-record a CD on the cassette deck (start both atthe same time) or record manually. If you want to do the latter it's aone-two process, just so you know: Hit REC/PAUSE first, then select thetape direction (side) to record on. While recording from CD to cassette,pressing STOP stops the tape first, then pressing it again stops the CD.The cassette deck can muscle through those thick 100-minute tapes.

Randomtip: If your cassettes sound dull from overplaying, activating the SurroundSound feature might help boost the highs. Worked for me.

There's aneat-o Tape Select Edit feature that tells you the required tape length fora particular CD, and the total playing time for side A and B so you'll knowhow much blank space there will be at the end of each side. A bonus for thearithmetically challenged.

I don't use the radio much. You can tune in .1increments but as far as I can tell you can't hold the button to run up anddown through the frequencies, you have to click-click-click your waythrough.

The "DJ" effects are Loop (repeats a segment of a songlike a performance sampler) and Flash (cuts the sound in and outrepeatedly). Each has an adjustable interval but you can only adjust itwhile the effect is activated. You have to hold the button down to activatethe effect.

Don't ask me about the karaoke feature. It's there for*you*.

I don't have the remote with me but as I recall it has mosteverything you'd want to do from a distance. And finally, the LED displayis pretty bright in a darkened room. Consider that if you put this thingnext to your bed. It goes dark when you power the unit down.

I recommendyou compare features with the other models in this line before deciding. Ilike the RXD5. Buy it and throw a party. I'll bring the music. ... Read more

Asin: B00001ZWT0
Subjects:  1. Shelf Systems, Dual Auto Reverse Cassette Tape Decks, Deck    2. Hi-Fi Stereo (HiFi), AMFM (AM/FM) Radios, Radio    3. Compact Stereos, Play exchange    4. CD Changer, Changers, Compact Disc Players, Player    5. MHCRXD5, MHCRXD, 5, RXD    6. Compact System    7. Mini System    8. Mini Shelf System    9. Micro Component Stereo   

Sony CFD-E95 PSYC Boombox (Blue)
Average Customer Review: 2.5 out of 5 stars
list price: $119.95
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France

Editorial Review

Sony's stylized PSYC CFDE95 CD/radio cassette recorder offers sweeping round curves and versatile media playback so your tunes can go almost anywhere you do. The boombox's CD player is equipped with a jog dial to help find the tracks you're looking for and a one-bit digital-to-analog audio converter for pristine sound. Its digital AM/FM stereo tuner boasts 30-station memory presets (20 FM, 10 AM) and one-button tuning.

With synchronized CD/cassette dubbing, CD playback commences just after cassette recording begins. The stereo record/playback cassette deck provides direct recording from either the tuner or the CD player. Other features include Mega Bass sound for low-frequency enhancement, 20-track CD programming, current-time display, and a sleep/wake timer with variable settings so you fall asleep or wake to CD or radio. The CFDE95 also comes with a full-function, color-matched remote control. ... Read more


  • CD, cassette, and radio boombox with rounded PSYC model fashion design (including stylish PSYC accessory clip and tag)
  • 3-color backlit LCD display with customizable functions
  • Compact, color-matched remote control
  • Sleep/wake timer, jog dial for easy tuning and track selection
  • Audio CD-R/CD-RW playback compatibility, Mega Bass low-end sound enhancement
Reviews (24)

3-0 out of 5 stars Not as bad as all these jerks are saying.
This a good boombox. The only problems I have with it though is that you have to use a remote to skip the cd.I use this manly to record cds on to tapes and it does that with no problems. I have had this boombox for a year now and it has not broken down on me.

1-0 out of 5 stars A totally defective product on the CD part
After less than four months, the CD player failed by displaying the infamous "NO DISC" message. Sony should recall this product. Don't buy it! Its functionality is nothing close to its look. This is the second Sony product (the first one being a 32" TV) that has failed shortly after I bought it.
The better part of this deal was, when I called Sony customer service, I was told that I could send it for repair for $83 and they will cover the parts cost. And I was assured that it was not a joke!

2-0 out of 5 stars Bad design choices
CD player is adequate; the cassette deck positioning & controls are counter-intuitive but functional; but the really annoying & unnecessary feature here is the never-ending unstoppable color-changing "HELLO HELLO O HELL" wrap-around flashing LCD display, which can only be shut down by unplugging the power.Some designer must have thought this display would look good in the showroom, but retailers know that if they ever turned these things on, no one would buy them - therefore purchasers don't see this useless & distracting waste of power until they get the thing home & regret buying it. ... Read more

Asin: B00008W7LE
Subjects:  1. soney, sonie, sonee, sone, cfde, 95blue    2. cfde-95, cf-de95, cfed95, cf-ed95    3. cfde9, cfde95-blue, fcde95, fcde-95    4. cfde95bl, cfde95b, boom box, psych    5. cfde95, cfd-e95b, cfd-e95bl    6. Portable Compact Disc Player (Personal CD)    7. Portable AMFM Radio (Personal AM-FM)   

Sony ZS-D10 Tabletop CD Player with FM/AM Radio and CD-R/RW Playback
Average Customer Review: 3.0 out of 5 stars
list price: $139.99
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France

Editorial Review

Here is an extremely sleek and modern CD player with FM/AM radio. With its vertical loaded CD player, you will enjoy the latest in CD technology. This design helps save valuable space on the desk or bookcase. The player will read commercial CDs, as well as recorded CD-R and CD-RW discs. The CD player has three major play modes: program, shuffle and repeat. With these options, including repeat one track and repeat all tracks, you are sure to find the right sequence in which to enjoy your CDs.

The digital FM/AM tuner provides accurate, drift-free tuning. With the four watts per channel of RMS power, the stereo produces a rich, full sound. This sound is further enhanced by the stereo's passive sub-speakers which use 'passive radiating' cones to move more air, thus producing a richer bass performance.

The stereo comes with all the important inputs and outputs to keep your stereo up to date with current music technology. MD link-digital out and line in-optical provide for direct digital connection to MiniDisc recorders (remember that this will require an optional digital cable.) The auxiliary line-in allows for playback of external audio sources including Net MD, MP3-CD and laptop computer files.

The compact remote control gives you control over this sharp mini-stereo. The remote controls function, CD operation, radio operation and volume control. With the blue-illuminated LCD screen, it will be easy to track the player and its functions from across the room. The player runs via the included AC adaptor.

What's in the Box
Sony ZS-D10 stereo, remote control, AC adaptor, ninety day warranty and user's manual. ... Read more


  • Vertical load CD player and slim design are both stylish and functional
  • Plays CD-R and CD-RW
  • Digital AM/FM stereo tuner
  • High-quality sound and rich bass from passive sub-speakers
  • Optical line output for direct digital connection to MiniDisc recorder and auxiliary line in for playback of external audio sources
Reviews (2)

4-0 out of 5 stars not worth the full price, but still great
I had the luck of finding this CD player/radio tuner on sale at roughly a third of its suggested retail price, and I'd say it was a steal, and I would have even paid as much as half of its retail price and still say it was a steal.

The player looks gorgeous and sounds wonderful.I have been using Sony products for years, so for me it was very easy to program.Extra features like the MD link are nice to have too, although I do not know if I will ever use them.

Why this product did not get five stars: the digital radio tuner is just average compared to other tuners I have heard, even Sony's own.However, it is very difficult to get good radio reception where I live so I am not too upset about that.Also, the remote control feels flimsy and cheap.I would have gladly paid a few extra dollars for a good remote.

2-0 out of 5 stars Nice look but lacks features.
Another Made in China Sony product. Relatively good sound for the size but not enough power and as a result not enough volume. This is not a unit to party with.

For the money one can buy a far better sounding shelf unit with multiple CD trays and a tape deck.

Lacks a "pause-resume" function for the CD, clock and alarm features and batteries to make it portable. Radio tuning is not user friendly.

I was glad the merchant took it back. ... Read more

Asin: B000099GL4
Subjects:  1. zds10, zsd-10, sd10, zsd1, zsd-1    2. personal boombox, portable boombox    3. table top, cd player, boom-box    4. soney, sonny, sonie, sone, sonee, sonie    5. zsd10, boombox, cd, radio, zs-d10liv    6. Portable Compact Disc Player (Personal CD)   

Sony D-NF610 ATRAC3/MP3 CD Walkman with Digital Tuner
Average Customer Review: 4.0 out of 5 stars
list price: $129.95
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France

Editorial Review

Get the most from digital music with Sony's DNF610 portable CD player, which includes SonicStage CD Simple Burner software so you can take advantage of ATRAC3plus, Sony's proprietary music-compression technology when making custom MP3 CDs on a computer. The DNF610 puts the best of the broadcast world at your fingertips, too, with its FM/AM/TV/weather-band digital tuner. Using its 51-station preset memory, favorite stations are never more than a button away. The player also includes Sony's popular Jog Dial control for easy folder navigation, a two-line dot-matrix display, and achieves up to 40 hours of continuous playback on two "AA" type batteries (not included).

ATRAC3plus is a high-quality audio-compression technology that reduces the size of digital audio files while preserving much of a track's original sound quality (similar in concept to MP3 or Dolby Digital sound formats). With ATRAC3plus, music can be burned and compressed at 132, 105, 66, 64, or even 48 kbps (kilobits per second), letting you select the right balance between fidelity and storage space (you'll get around 490 songs per disc at 48 kbps). The player comes bundled with Sony's SonicStage CD Simple Burner software. Compatible with ID3 tagging and most CD burners, this application transfers songs from CDs or MP3 music files from a PC's hard drive and burns them to a CD using ATRAC3plus compression.

Skip-Free G-Protection technology boosts the laser pickup's shock protection to minimize read errors that would otherwise interrupt your music, providing quick recovery from both horizontal and vertical shocks. Bookmark playback lets you program favorite songs from multiple CDs and play them back at the touch of a button, and CD Text support displays artist and title information with compatible commercial audio CDs. ... Read more


  • Portable CD player compatible with MP3 files and Sony's ATRAC3plus compression technology
  • Includes SonicStage CD Simple Burner software to facilitate ATRAC3plus CD burning from MP3 files and from other CDs
  • Built-in FM/AM/TV/weather-band digital tuner with 51-station preset memory
  • Skip-free G-Protection technology eliminates or reduces skipping during many active uses
  • 40 hours long playback with 2 AA batteries (not included)
Reviews (43)

5-0 out of 5 stars Bang For Buck...
i got this player 2 years back from singapore where its sold as DNE-611 and i have no regrets at all,this player simply rocks.i have used the player extesively for jogging and have not had any problems with song skipping and not to mention the radio reception which is pretty good.This player is top notch as far as build Quality goes and would recommend this player.I dont use the atrac format although its a superior format and saves space,I'd rather burm my mp3 cds than convert them to atrac and use them...I saw a reviewer saying that he is reducing the rating by one star as its made in malaysia,this is stupid coz sony manufactures in malaysia and so does AMD,Intel and the most electronics manufacturers...

3-0 out of 5 stars Good CD Player, But Has Some Flaws
I recommend this cd player. One thing that irritates me is when I burn an MP3 cd, it ocassionaly comes up with the song ID and then doesn't play it. It then skips to the next song. Another thing that irritates me is when I place an MP3 disc into the cd player and close the lid, it takes forever to load the disc, and it makes a lot of noise while it's doing it.

5-0 out of 5 stars Best CD player i've had!!!
I bought this Cd player, not knowing what it had. I knew it had a player,radio,weather,and TV, but there is a feature thatmade me love this thing. The feature is the Atrac3plus. It lets you put on like 500+ songs on one cd, all you need to do is download it on your computer and put all your cds and mp3 stuff on one cd. Its awsome and no one really cares or trys it.
Well besides that, this player is awsome. It like I said, has a cd player,radio,weather,and TV. Its also a mp3 player. This player has such clear sound, I heard things I didnt hear on my old panasonic. It also has 3 different bass choices, none, medium, and alot. It of course has the different modes like shuffel, repeat, etc....It has 3 different displays, normal, wich is how much time the song has beed paying, Time left, and the song # out of all the songs. It also has a jog dial where you just spin the dial and push in to choose a song, and it helps when you got 200 songs on one cd so you need to use it to look for your song. Also you can turn of the player and it will go to the exact spoyt where u stopped.
The only probably is that when you pause it, it makes an annoying beeping sound, but i got used to that.

Altogether, you need to buy this cd player. ... Read more

Asin: B00008W7LL
Subjects:  1. boom box, soney, sonie, sone, sonee    2. dnf-610, 610, dfn610, dnf6, dnf61,    3. dn610, dn-f610, walk-man, cd player    4. portable disc, portable cd, discman, disc man    5. d-fn610, dnf610, mp-3, atrac 3, atrac3    6. Portable Compact Disc Player (Personal CD)   

Sony WM-FS555J S2 Sports Cassette Walkman with Digital Tuner
Average Customer Review: 4.5 out of 5 stars
list price: $69.99
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France

Editorial Review

CDs are wonderful, but most people still have boxes of cassettes full of great music, much of it not out--or not owned--on CD. Sony's WM-FS555J S2 Sports Walkman stereo cassette player lets you relive your cassette music when you're on the go. Its rugged, ergonomic S2 Sports design includes durability, controls placed for easy access, high style, and drift-free, digitally synthesized FM stereo--as well as wideband AM, TV (channels 2 to 13), and weather band (channels 1 to 7) reception.

An action grip with reflective cushion provides comfort and safety, while an included belt clip lets you wear the Walkman, freeing hands for other activities. The player's water-resistant seals help keep out water, moisture, and dirt, and a battery-level indicator on the unit's LCD lets you know when you're running low.

The player's automatic volume limiter system (AVLS) maintains an even volume level, guarding against unintended level increases and evening the output of musical passages that vary widely in level. Auto-reverse lets you enjoy uninterrupted listening to both sides of a cassette with no need to open the player and turn over the tape. A switch adjusts the sound to accommodate metal-oxide tapes, and Mega Bass produces deep, rich bass tones. Finally, an anti-rolling mechanism maintains stable tape speed to minimize music-distorting "wow and flutter" while the player is in motion.

For the radio, 40-station preset tuning offers one-button tuning to your choice of seven TV stations, four weather-band stations, 24 FM stations, and five AM stations. An FM local/distant (DX) switch improves reception of fuzzy stations. Supplied MDR-J10 headphones clip behind each ear so they won't mess up your hair. A single AA battery provides up to 32 hours (maximum) of continuous tape playback, or up to 50 hours of FM radio reception. ... Read more


  • Ergonomic, durable, and water-resistant S2 Sports design with auto-reverse mechanism and included action grip and belt clip
  • Supplied MDR-J10 headphones won't interfere with your hairstyle
  • Digital-synthesized FM/AM stereo tuner provides accurate, drift-free radio tuning with 40-station memory
  • TV and weather band reception let you listen to TV channels 2 to 13 and up-to-the-minute weather
  • Up to 32 hours extended battery life (continuous tape playback); 50 hours with radio
Reviews (2)

5-0 out of 5 stars Great product from Sony!
Ah! This is a remarkeble piece of equipment. Very stylish if I do say so myself.

I am currently listening to one of Lord of the Rings tapes I have made, and it sounds beautiful. I am sure pre-recorded tapes will sound even better.

The radio works very well. Preset stations is easy to use and very convenient.

TV reception is alirght, though I will not be using it much, and Weather band sucks. Again, I will not be using it.

I recommend this item for its quality. Some people say the other models aren't as good as the older one's, this one is probably better than the others.

4-0 out of 5 stars Great Walkman for Activities
I was very pleasantly surprised with the performance of this walkman for what I needed - something primarily for jogging and especially for those tread-mill kinda days.This being the first electronics I've bought basically sight-unseen, I am very pleased with what I got! I VERY VERY much like the earphones. They are the best at least as far as superior comfort goes! I wouldn't even think about them around my ears if a tape wasn't playing.They stay perfectly in place while jogging (extremely lightweight and minimal); do not at all create that pressure ache on my ears or head as other earphones have, it's not a Bose but the sound is just fine for my purposes. Overall construction is very durable and very easy to use, have yet to use it in the rain, but certainly would seem to be able to handle it. I'm glad I opted for the weather/tv/radio features. Has come in very handy. Reception has been clear. The sound stays true when using tapes (no 'wobblies' during jarring movements) which I wanted and got, the weight of the walkman is light enough.....the only and biggest drawback is the handstrap/belt clip. Hum...Really bad design and the only reason I give it 4 stars. The belt clip is attached to the handstrap which is a web strap (with a flat little pad attached for covering the knuckles after tightening the strap), that circles thru two built-in bar shaped end pieces on opposite ends of the back of the walkman -but not held secure. If you want to wear it on a belt....it slides and flops around. There is no stability as there would be if the clip could have been screwed directly to the walkman body. Seems that would have been a no-brainer, but someone in the design department obviously overlooked that one....maybe my hand just isn't big enough (glove size 7) but holding it with the handstrap is rather uncomfortable. My arms are small enough I use the handstrap on my upper arm and it works just fine. Looks alittle unruly, but functional and stays put. I also strap the walkman to the treadmill on weathered-out days, and that works quite fine too. So the strap has come in handy. All-in-all I'm really glad I got this walkman. The pluses do outweigh the minuses and this walkman will be put to alot of good use! ... Read more

Asin: B00008WTCQ
Subjects:  1. wmfs555j, wm-555, wmfs-555, wmfs555    2. wm-fs555, wm-555, wmsf555, wm-sf555    3. fs555j, wmfs55, wmfs5, wmfs5555, fs555    4. wm-fs55j, wm-fs55, s-2, walk man    5. personal cassette, portable tape player    6. Portable Audio Cassette Player (Personal Audiocassette, Audiotape, Tape)   

Sony MDR-G52LP Street Style Headphones with Non-Slip Design
Average Customer Review: 3.5 out of 5 stars
list price: $19.99
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France

Editorial Review

These Street Style headphones employ the comfortable and stable behind-the-neck design. They have a non-slip design, making them ideal for exercise or for a walk to the corner market. This style also allows you to wear a hat while wearing the headphones: an essential option for many listeners. The headphones have a folding mechanism which allows them to be stored in a backpack or purse. The MDR-G52LPs were designed for extended wear, and, weighing in at under two ounces, you may indeed forget you are wearing headphones.

Sony has installed several technical features to the headphones to ensure a quality listening experience. The thirty millimeter drive units are large for portable headphones, and deliver deep bass, low distortion and a wide frequency response range (16 - 20,000 Hz). Sony's Acoustic Twin Turbo circuit achieves high sonic output by utilizying sound chamber and duct technology. Neodymium magnets give the headphones maximum energy at a minimal size and weight, while the oxygen-free copper cord provides high conductivity and minimum noise. The gold-plated stereo mini-plug makes sure that sound is transported fully and accurately. The gold-plated treatment also helps resist corrosion and supports the headphones' high conductivity and low noise. The five foot long, single-sided cord is plenty long for active pursuits.

What's in the Box
Sony MDR-G52LP headphones ... Read more


  • Lightweight portable non-slip design for active sports
  • 30mm driver unit for high quality sound
  • Exclusive, comfortable, behind-the-neck headband
  • Acoustic Twin Turbo circuitry delivers powerful bass
  • Gold-plated stereo mini plug
Reviews (13)

2-0 out of 5 stars Excellent Item, Horrible corporate policy
This is a great sounding, excellent fitting, durable pair of headphones. Which is why when the foam that surrounds the earpieces wore off I looked around for a replacement. From Sony those little foam pads cost 15.95 A PIECE... Did I also mention that you have to pay 6.95 in shipping? Ridiculeous...They have not heard the last of me ;-)

5-0 out of 5 stars Great for running!
I bought these headphones because the earbud style 'phones were very difficult to use - they become dislodged, get completely soaked with sweat, irritate my ear canals, etc.I needed something that fit against the outside of my ear and this fits the bill perfectly.Not only do they fit comfortably and stay in place while I'm running, but the more open design allows me to hear the surrounding noises much better than with the earbuds.
I can't comment critically on the sound quality, because the only time I use these is when I'm running, so the sound is more or less present or absent.If you're after very high-quality sound, these may not be right, but if you're after phones that will stay in place while you're active, these are great.

5-0 out of 5 stars great...
I'm guessing that the people that gave these headphones aren't in highschool? I am in highschool and these are great. of course, Im not too sure about how you guys are saying they are hurtfull, I wear them all day and they feel fine.

They are perfect to hide behind hair if your hair is longenough, perfect for listing to music in class.

Seriously the best headphones out there, if not used for home use. ... Read more

Asin: B000092YPO

Sony MZ-S1 S2 Sports Net MD MiniDisc Player
Average Customer Review: 4.0 out of 5 stars
list price: $179.99
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France

Editorial Review

Combining the power and versatility of a minidisc Walkman with a body shell that is both reflective and robust, Sony has created a minidisc (MD) player/recorder aimed at the active sports market.

The MZ-S1 Net MiniDisc Walkman is a larger, chunkier, and heavier MD player than most, because it's a rugged sports model. It comes complete with a large latch that clips securely over the rubber-sealed disc slot, rubber covers for all the ports and socket, and a tough, wipe-clean case that won't scratch. The earbud headphones are light and unobtrusive, too, but the strap only prevents you from dropping it rather than letting you carry it easily.

You can run, jog, and shake or drop the case without interrupting the music, and all the controls are on the side, falling naturally under your thumb when you hold the player one-handed. Play, stop, fast forward, rewind, and volume are all combined in one five-way control; only pause is separate. Although the edges are a little sharp for comfort, the control makes it easy to get the track you want without looking at the player, and it's almost impossible to change the volume by accident; if you do there's an automatic volume control to stop it from getting too loud too suddenly.

You do need to look at the player to record or edit track names, but as you can only record from an external source like a CD player you're not likely to be on the move at the time. There's an optical cable in the box for digital connections but you'll need a second cable for analog sources. Alternatively, you can plug the USB cable into your PC and transfer tracks you have stored as MP3 or WMA files. You get the same choice of single-, double-, or quadruple-length recording, which puts over five hours of music on one minidisc, and you get about 50 hours play time from a single AA battery. The OpenMG JukeBox software is a little complicated because you have to check tracks in and out of your library to transfer them, but you can create multiple playlists and convert CD tracks directly. You can't transfer tracks from minidisc to MP3, though.

You're paying a slight premium for the rugged, go-anywhere portability of the Net MiniDisc Walkman, but the controls are simple and the sound quality is excellent. --Mary Branscombe, Amazon.co.uk ... Read more


  • Record MP3s or CDs at up to 32x from multiple sources (PC, CD, radio, and more)
  • Plays back in ATRAC3, supports MP3, WMA, and WAV formats
  • Easy one-hand joystick navigation; bright backlit LCD display
  • Up to 54 hours' playback on one AA battery (in LP4 mode)
  • Water-resistant design with reflective casing; includes music management software, reflective hand strap
Reviews (73)

5-0 out of 5 stars Best Music Player for people on the go
Sony has made great improvements on it software (2004 edition is very stable).It is just as easy as itunes.If you have 1ghz processor or better don't worry about the software if you have a slower computer you may want to upgrade first.The baterry life is great. I run on a track team and I carry the music player in my spike bag.It rains some days and sometimes I have to leave it in direct sunlight.But it still works great.

4-0 out of 5 stars Wonderful... Almost.
So there are ups and downs to this package

If you're looking for a good alternative to CD, or you don't have the money for an iPod, look into MiniDisk.If a CD and a Floppy disk had a child, a MiniDisk would pop out.The media has the decent durability of a floppy, with the capacity of a CD (not a full CD, but 169MB is not bad for music.)The S1 alone is built like a rock, (which is nice at school.) However, because of the construction, it is a good bit heavier then other MD's (which isn't saying much) I can say that the player (with battery and disk) has a decent heft, but nothing extraordianry (imagine a weighty CD player.)It's overall size being smaller then the average CD player, I find it's easier to carry around then my old CD player.

The added bonus of REMOVABLE media gives you a gigantic leg up on flash MP3 players, allowing you to carry more music on two MD's then on a standard Flash MP3, and a about $2 a piece, they aren't that expensive.And because the media is re-writable, a 5 pack will last you a LONG time ($10 at Target).The battery life shines above and beyond however, I got a good 30-40 hours of playtime off ONE AA battery, and another in a bag is easy to carry along.(I keep one AA in my backpack.)

Ah, yes, the above does sound like a very lame comercial, but this thing deserves it.However, everything must have its flaw, and the NetMD's have an inherant flaw... In the software given out with them.

The software has caused quite a bit of my hair to relocate to the floor after being ripped out.4 hours later, and quite aggrivated, I resorted to the grande olde internet.I found a rather easy way around the software Sony seemed to spend 5 minutes on... (the infamous SONICSTAGE!)Now, supposedly, SonicStage Version 2.0 is much better, but the original SonicStage (Version 1) is INCREDIBLY ustable, locking up in mid-burn, etc. etc. Very confounding.However, there is a way around it.The drivers for NetMd's can be downloaded for RealPlayer.I did the following
First and formost, you must INSTALL SonicStage (Fear the install, it's like being in a very large pool, on top of a hill, in the rain, while cursing the god of thunder, and telling him to give you his "Best shot") After you've woken up after installing (yes, you might fall asleep) Do the following.
1)Download RealPlayer at their website (free)
2)Once installed, open it up and click on Burn/Transfer
3)Click "Add a New Device" it will open a web page in RP, look around a bit, and you find the NetMD Section
4)Download the driver you need.
And you're done, SonicStage has been bypassed.

However, I find that queuing songs up for burn can lock up RealPlayer as well.To solve this, I queue up one song at a time, then copy that ONE song to the MD.Then repeat till I have everything done.It takes time, and I can't leave my computer, but it works, and I haven't had any trouble since.What I usually do is set it to burn a song, do whatever on the computer for a minute or two, and check back.(for instance AIM) It works pretty well (I'm woking on a burn right now.)

In summary, the player and all NetMD's are incredible.The software included could be affiliated with several choice words. RealPlayer takes time, but it works, and once the music is on the disks, it plays flawlessly (I shook the thing for 3 minutes straight and the sound didn't even waiver.) It also looks really really nice, and the backlight is a soothing orage irridecent glow... Very comforting.I am very happy with this purchace.Thumbs up.

4-0 out of 5 stars Durable But Not Very Compact
The Song MZ-S1 MD Player is very durable indeed. It would probably survive a 4-foot drop. However, at over 7 oz., it is not very compact. It weighs more than my CD Player! If you are looking for durability, this is the one for you because not will it survive through the harshest of falls, it is also water-resistant. But, if you are looking for something tiny, I reccomend getting a Network MP3 Player. The MZ-S1 is very . . . chunky. I would reccomend getting it if you play sports often, or if it is for someone irresponsible. (i.e. you teenage son or husband =]) ... Read more

Asin: B0000667AP
Subjects:  1. mzs1, ms-z1, msz1, zs1, netMD    2. mini disc, disk, sonie, soni, sone, sonee    3. soney, sonny, s-2, sports-2, 2sports    4. s-2sports, minidisc, sports2, s2sports    5. Portable MiniDisc Player (Personal Mini-Disc, Minidisk)   

SONY CMT-EX5 Executive Style Micro Audio System

US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France


  • A unique, vertical-loading CD player features an LCD panel which discreetly displays Text, Song Titles, Artists' Names, and Disc Titles with encoded CDs
  • Lock onto favorite radio stations via frequency synthesis Tuner with 20 FM, 10 AM presets
  • A solid glass front viewing panel allows trance-inducing gazing at the spinning disc--hours of fun, and as long as you're the boss, your reveries will never get you in trouble!
  • A DSG (Dynamic Sound Generator) Circuit selectively emphasizes Bass and Treble ranges, while maintaining original sound signal
  • Result is a natural sound without distortion

Asin: B00006IS4F
Sales Rank: 38905
Subjects:  1. Executive Microsystems    2. Compact System    3. Mini System    4. Mini Shelf System    5. Micro Component Stereo   

Sony DAV-C990 DVD Dream System
Average Customer Review: 4.0 out of 5 stars

US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France


  • Remote Commander remote control included
  • DVD, CD, CD-R/RW, Super Audio CD, and MP3 playback
  • 480P progressive scan output
  • Composite, component, progressive component, S-video outputs
  • Dolby Digital, dts and Dolby Pro-Logic II decoding
Reviews (16)

1-0 out of 5 stars Great looks, Mediocre sound
I've owned the DAV-c990 Dreamsystem for over two years. Looks great in my living room, but the first thing I noticed is it just doesn't have the best sound, especialy for music cds. Movies sound OK. I am currently having problems with it reading discs, ejecting discs etc. I've gone thru all the troubleshooting I could find in the manual, on line and thru Sony. It still doesn't work.I've learned from research on the web that many people have had the same problems. I hope I can get mine fixed. I recomend moving on to a different unit or brand.

3-0 out of 5 stars Disappointing
Design flaw - when you are listening to the tuner and you eject a cd, dvd, the tuner stops
you get the cheapest of cheap cables to connect it to a sony tv - bought incidentally at the same time. (Sony tv has s-video connection at the side - great for camcorders but damn all use if you want to connect it to this unit permanently)
speakers should be wireless for this money.
Wanted to like this unit but very, very disappointed. Looks are deceiving.

4-0 out of 5 stars You can get it cheaper ...
goodguys.com is selling it for USD699.00, no tax + free shipping.Offer ends 9/1/03. ... Read more

Asin: B00006JQEJ
Sales Rank: 43969
Subjects:  1. Home Theater System (Theatre)   

Sony ICF-CD853V AM/FM/TV/Weather Clock Radio/CD Player
Average Customer Review: 3.0 out of 5 stars
list price: $129.99
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France


  • 25 Programmable station memories for easy access
  • CD, CDR and CDRW Playback compatible
  • Headphone Jack for adding an optional stereo headphone
  • Nap Timer
  • Triple Alarm - 3 Times/3 Modes (CD/Radio/Buzzer)
Reviews (11)

5-0 out of 5 stars Great product
Sony's technical expertise is Boss. The user-interface is intuitive; I haven't had to look at the manual.

But when I bought a SECOND one for my girlfriend, it was the floor model and didn't include the manual. (...)
My rating for the product is FIVE STARS. My rating for Sony Customer Service is TWO Stars.

1-0 out of 5 stars Can't read the Clock!
If you are buying this for an alarm clock, not being able to read the time may be a problem.

1-0 out of 5 stars Sadly, Badly designed
The features advertised for this CD clock radio made it seem like a solution to my disappointment with similar models in the genre. It has a digital tuner, large display, plays CD/R/RW, and the Sony Mega Bass system.Well... it has a digital tuner indeed with very poor sensitivity on FM (even with endless tries with the little antenna), no reception on weather and that you have to repeatedly press the "band" button to find your presets.The display is nice if you can read it; you must be directly in front of and slightly above, or it disappears. The CD functions are very good, but the sound is rather muddy, made worse by the Mega Bass and postioning of the speakers.The styling is odd, and while it may have a small footprint, it takes up a lot of room as it swells up to the concave CD lid. The labels on the buttons are unreadable thanks to a "mirrored" background behind the plastic front.The alarms are pretty useless; the buzzer is very soft, and one can't go to sleep with soft music without the radio/CD going off in the morning at the same soft level. Far too many design defects are incorporated in this model to use it for any purpose! ... Read more

Asin: B000068EAM
Sales Rank: 29168
Subjects:  1. Clock Radio (Radios)    2. Accessories (Accessory)   

Sony VAIO PCV-RS320 Desktop (2.60-GHz Pentium 4 (Hyper-Threading), 512 MB RAM, 120 GB Hard Drive, DVD-RW/CD-RW Drive)
Average Customer Review: 4.5 out of 5 stars
Personal Computers

US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France

Editorial Review

Targeting the multimedia fan with its built-in CD and DVD burning capabilities and generous audio-video software package, the Sony VAIO PCV-RS320 Desktop delivers strong processing power and solid general performance at a reasonable price. 3-D designers and serious gamers will either want to look elsewhere or perform after-purchase upgrades, but most users should find the VAIO PCV-RS320 more than satisfactory.

Anchoring the VAIO PCV-RS320 is a fast 2.6 GHz Intel Pentium 4 CPU with Hyper-Threading technology (Hyper-Threading is a new Intel-developed process that allows a single CPU system to behave in some aspects like a dual-CPU system -- thus boosting performance during key high-drain procedures such as multitasking) and a generous 512 MB PC-2100 266 MHz DDR RAM. Sony has equipped the unit with an entry-level video card, the Intel 845GV Integrated Graphics chipset with 64 MB shared (not dedicated memory). Accordingly, the VAIO PCV-RS320 is great for all 2-D and some 3-D tasks but won’t efficiently run the latest games or 3-D animation applications.

The system features several data storage options, including a massive 120 GB hard disk, a handy 3.5-inch diskette drive for smaller backups and older programs, and an extremely versatile DVD-RW/CD-RW drive through which you can burn and play audio CDs, archive information, watch the latest Hollywood blockbusters and turn your home movies into DVDs. To ensure fast interaction with peripherals such as digital camcorders and cameras, scanners and external drives, Sony has added six high-speed USB 2.0 ports and two i.Link (FireWire) ports, one on the rear and another at the front.

Other desirable amenities include a VGA monitor port, two PS/2 ports, a pair of small desktop speakers, a user-friendly VAIO keyboard, and a PS/2 wheel mouse. A display screen is not enclosed, thus allowing users to utilize their current monitor or select from the many alternatives currently available. Bundled software includes Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, Microsoft Works 7.0, Intuit Quicken 2003, and oodles of Sony’s own multimedia utilities. ... Read more

Reviews (2)

4-0 out of 5 stars Great, Solid and overall complete
I'm a graphic artist who works with many applications open meanwhile listening to streaming music over a cable modem and this desktop doesn't even blink handling all that. The Hyperthreading technology is incredible while the Pentium 2.6 GHz just shoots everything at lightning speed. The only thing I'd change though is getting another video card because the one installed is a shared AGP and the graphics can get chunky and choppy when it's stretched thin.

Otherwise solid, solid performance by Sony.

5-0 out of 5 stars Fast
This Computer Is A Fast one with a Intel Pentium 4 with Hyper Threading, 512mb RAM. You Can Perform Many things at one time.
GET THIS COMPUTER! ... Read more

Asin: B00009MJF2
Subjects:  1. Desktops (Desk Tops)    2. Desktop Computers   

Sony VAIO PCG-FRV25 Notebook (2.66-GHz Pentium 4, 512 MB RAM, 40 GB Hard Drive, DVD/CD-RW Drive)
Average Customer Review: 3.5 out of 5 stars
Personal Computers
list price: $1,399.99
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France

Editorial Review

Far from the smallest mobile computer in Sony's notebook lineup, the VAIO PCG-FRV25 is nevertheless extremely powerful and nicely equipped. If size and ease of portability are not overriding factors, the capable VAIO PCG-FRV25 is a wise and cost-effective choice.

By today's ever-decreasing standards, the 13 by 10.8 by 2.26 inches, 7.72 pound VAIO PCG-FRV25 is of slightly above-average size. It is, however, more powerful than many desktops. Featuring a muscular 2.66 GHz Intel Pentium 4 processor with 512 KB Level 2 cache, a 533 MHz system bus, 512 MB DDR SDRAM memory (upgradeable to 1024 MB) and a 64 MB ATI Radeon IGP 345M graphics chipset, the unit will quickly carve through most any task it is given, including many 3-D games and applications.

Sony has fitted the system with an adequate 40 GB hard disk and an internal CD-RW/DVD drive through which you can burn and listen to audio CDs, backup important files and watch the latest Hollywood blockbusters. You'll monitor your activities on a large 15-inch XGA TFT display capable of 1024x768 resolution.

Other desirable amenities include an internal V.90 modem for low-speed e-communications, an Ethernet interface for high-speed connectivity, headphone and microphone ports, an 86-key QWERTY keyboard with electro-static touchpad, and a pair of stereo speakers with surround-sound imaging. Home movie and digital picture buffs in particular will appreciate the unit's two high-speed USB 2.0 ports and single IEEE 1394 interface, through which they can quickly transfer video and still images.

Sony has pre-installed an impressive variety of software, including Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, Microsoft Money 2003, Microsoft Works 7.0, and a broad array of audio, video and photo utilities. ... Read more

Reviews (20)

2-0 out of 5 stars very poor customer service, below average hardware
I have had the Vaio for several months, and the software installed on Vaio has finally crashed out completely. Sony now freely admits the cd recovery disk program included with the machine does not work, in fact has never worked, and they still want you to shell out 60 bucks for the cd recovery kit, which takes up to four weeks for delivery.

The Keyboard on my unit arrived with the 'delete' key not working, and Sony told me that since I had purchased it mail order, I would have to send it to them for repair, and it would take three mothns MINIMUM to fix. I have instead learned to live without a delete key.

Overall, a very poor experience with Sony. I will stick to Toshiba or Dell in the future, companies who were far more supportive of their products and customers.

5-0 out of 5 stars Vaio thoughts
Fastest machine I've ever used for video games and programming. Hooked up with a Cable Connection and high speed internet action, I've got state-of-the-art power.A little large for a laptop, but probably because of its speakers, built in.Performance of XP on it is very reliable, crashing at most once a week.When it does crash, not very graceful.Sometimes when it has been on a while, it refuses to shut down, and must be DQ'd.Otherwise, no complaints really.Does NOT appear to come with adequate virus protection.Figures.I've compared and considered about 15 machines since, including popular items such as HP and Dell, and even after 6 months, I still have no regrets.Two and a half thumbsup.

3-0 out of 5 stars Good - but more of bad
Bad things:-
1. All usb ports on the left side - make sure to buy a mouse with long cable
2. External cable connection next to CD drive - why complicate things dear SONY
3. Many keys not working - Just after two months. Am still try to figure out the SONY dealer in ISRAEL.
4. There is no International free one year service like what TOSHIBA offers. ... Read more

Asin: B00009EEIS
Subjects:  1. Notebooks (Note Books)    2. Notebook Computers    3. Laptops (Lap Tops)   

Sony Clie PEG-NX70V/U (Metallic Grey) Handheld
Average Customer Review: 5.0 out of 5 stars

US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France

Editorial Review

The Palm-powered PEG-NX70V Clié handheld comes equipped with a built-in digital camera (310,000 effective pixels) for taking digital pictures and video. The camera resolution has been improved to 640 x 480 pixels (VGA) with an option to save the images on Memory Stick media in JPEG format. Furthermore, the PEG-NX70V will record and play back video (MPEG-4) and store it on Memory Stick media.

The PEG-NX70V is equipped with a wireless communication slot for adding an optional wireless LAN (802.11b) card. Browse the Web, check e-mails, and synchronize data wirelessly with your PC via wireless local area network (LAN access point sold separately and Internet service provider required).

The PEG-NX70V features high resolution on its 320 x 480 pixel backlit color display, which can display over 65,000 colors.

Operating System
The Sony Clié PEG-NX70V is powered by Palm OS 5.0 for more processing power, multimedia features, wireless connectivity, and higher security than OS 4.1.

Extra Software
The PEG-NX70V comes with the following Sony software: Audio Player, Clié Album, Clié Camera, Clié Mail, Clié Memo, Clié Remote Commander, Clié Viewer, Flash Player 5, Image Converter 2 1.0 (for PC), Memory Stick Backup, Memory Stick Export 1.1 (for PC), Memory Stick Files, Memory Stick Import, Movie Player, Movie Recorder, PictureGear Studio (for PC), PhotoStand, Photo Editor, SonicStage LE 1.5 (for PC), Sound Converter 1.0 (for PC), Sound Utility, Voice Recorder, and World Alarm Clock

The Sony Clié PEG-NX70V is compatible with Windows 98 SE, 2000 Professional, Me, XP Home, and XP Professional editions.

In the Box
The Sony Clié PEG-NX70V comes with a USB HotSync cradle, stylus, AC Adapter, stereo headphones, remote controller, plug adapter, plug adapter attachment, hand strap, installation CD-ROM, beginner's guide, add-on application guide, End User License Agreement, Graffiti sticker, and limited-warranty statement. ... Read more


  • Built-in digital camera (310,000 effective pixels)
  • Integrated wireless communication slot
  • High-resolution TFT color display (320 x 480 pixels)
  • 16 MB of RAM, 16 MB of ROM, Memory Stick expansion slot
  • What's in the box: PEG-NX70V, USB HotSync cradle, stylus, AC Adapter, stereo headphones, remote controller, plug adapter, plug adapter attachment, hand strap, installation CD-ROM, beginner's guide
Reviews (6)

5-0 out of 5 stars OMG for a while ago
tghis was the top of the line awhile ago. It still kicks most pdas butts but the high end ones can be campoared but un noticeable difference.(expect for 802.11B) but 8.02.11B can still be gotten on this thing for $150 extra. Get a load of this people say that the nx80v is better but they did not look at specs. for example the processor notice in this baby is 200MGZ not to mention made by intel and in the 80 it is frekin 66mgz i mean what is that crap!. Too bad it was disscountuned tough. Sony still has full support for it though

5-0 out of 5 stars Rediculously Awsome!
This PDA is everything and more. The NX80v is only a little better but this is the better buy because it is half the price!

4-0 out of 5 stars It's December 16, 2004 - still the swiss army knife of PDAs!
UPDATE 12/04 - I still use this crazy PDA every day. This PDA becomes MUCH more interesting if you update (i.e. replace) all the non-CF compatible files with new ones. You'll need a program called Filez off of freewarepalm.com and some files you can find if you type "pelaca mirror" into Google. You will be able to upgrade Clie Files, Clie Camera, Movieplayer, and other odds/ends so they work with CF cards. Buy a 1 or 2 GB CF and you're golden.

Also, highly recommend you pick up a Hagiwara memstick 802.11 card. They're only $49 at Mobileplanet (don't think Amazon sells them). Run don't walk to get one of those.

The NX is still top-notch in technology and use. The screen blows away everything I've seen...I highly recommend this device...because it can do just about everything...it has loads of upgradeability in it...You won't be disappointed...

Get a screen protector because my graffiti text area is starting to sound really scratchy after 2 years of use... ... Read more

Asin: B00006RSJ3

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