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    Foundlings Plush Bear

    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France

    Asin: B00004TQ4R
    Sales Rank: 47348
    Subjects:  1. Stuffed Animals    2. Animals    3. Teddy Bears   

    Braun WK200 Electric Water Kettle
    Average Customer Review: 4.5 out of 5 stars
    list price: $59.99 -- our price: $44.88
    (price subject to change: see help)
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France

    Editorial Review

    Featuring an ergonomic handle and smooth lines, Braun's1,500-watt electric water kettle handily sits on a separate heatingelement. When water boils--one cup takes only 70 seconds--it's a reliefto pick up the kettle and pour without worrying about the plug draggingbehind. Once the kettle is removed from the base, it automaticallyturns off for safety. This good-sized kettle heats up to six cups ofwater, making it ideal for small meetings at the office or to quicklyheat up water (and water only, please) at home. It has ananti-calcification filter to help keep the water tasting clear andclean. --Dana Van Nest ... Read more


    • Measures 9-1/5 by 7-5/9 by 11-2/5 inches
    • 1,500-watt electric kettle quickly heats up to 6 cups of water
    • Separate heating element and ergonomic handle provide easy pouring
    • Anti-calcification filter ensures better tasting water
    • Automatic shutoff for added safety
    Reviews (105)

    5-0 out of 5 stars Another 5 star review...
    What can I say?This thing is absolutely wonderful.Boils water in about 4-5 minutes, works like a charm, automatically shuts itself off as soon as the water comes to a boil, and it works on any surface.Just wanted to add my 5 star rating...

    And for those of you wondering - yes - you can use this on ANY surface.The base of it does not get hot at all.I keep it on a wooden desk in my office and have never had any problems.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Indispensible kitchen appliance
    This beautifully-designed water kettle is a real joy to have.It is very fast, always stays cool to the touch, turns off automatically or when lifted from the base, and looks great on the countertop.I use it every day!

    5-0 out of 5 stars excellent with lots of little advantages
    We drink several cups of tea a day and are a heavy user of our kettle. Main reasons that we like it:
    - Fast
    -Detachable from base letting you bring it easily to your cup
    -Automatic turn or when you lift it off the base (a safety issue in case of earthquakes, or simply animals that might knock it over)
    -Auto turn off when it boils; we had ruined stove top kettles in the past by forgetting about them
    -the clear panel (on both sides) lets you fill it for only a single cup of tea; saving a great deal of time (and some electricity I suppose).This is a huge benefit.
    -Rotates on the base for either left or right hand use.
    -Plastic keeps the water quite warm for a while HOWEVER, the biggest negative is that it not very visually attractive.
    ... Read more

    Asin: B00004S9H7
    Subjects:  1. Teakettles    2. Hot Pots    3. (Tea Kettles)    4. Electric    5. Drip Coffee Machines    6. Coffee Makers    7. (Coffeemakers)   


    Building Your Ideal Private Practice: A Guide for Therapists and Other Healing Professionals
    Average Customer Review: 4.5 out of 5 stars
    Hardcover (15 April, 2000)
    list price: $32.00 -- our price: $32.00
    (price subject to change: see help)
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France
    Reviews (9)

    5-0 out of 5 stars Finally, solid, straightforward help for therapists
    I am a clinical social worker, in private practice for quite a while. Last year without knowing why, my client count began to drop off. I got worried. A colleague in my peer supervision group swore by this book. (Her practice stays full all the time.) I think it is the most helpful book on practice-building and marketing for therapists I have ever read. The information in the book is really useful and solid. But more than that, the tone of the book is so calming and inspiring. The author clearly knows her topic, and she finds ways to explain exactly what steps you need to take to become more profitable and grow your practice. Unlike other non-therapist marketers, she understands the mind of a healing professional and the mental shifts in thinking that introverts like me need to go through in order to follow through on networking or getting more boundaries in place for my billing policy. On the back of the book, one reviewer (who was a social worker of the year!) said the book should be the bible of every clinician. I agree. I keep it on my bedside table, and when I can't sleep because I am worried about my practice, I open up this book and feel inspired. Her new workbook is great as well.

    5-0 out of 5 stars truly amazing!
    This book is fantastic.I've underlined passages, bookmarked pages, and I go bck to them again and again.It's like having a personal business coach for the price of the book!I went from wondering how in the world I could market my private practice, to now seeing limitless possibilities!It should be a must-read for every clinician, both those starting out and those who need a little boost.

    5-0 out of 5 stars I Loved This Book
    Lynn Grodzki offers two invaluable things in her book. One, was the ability to get me unstuck and out of my fear-based paralysis about the future of my practice and the future of the business of psychotherapy. She has done this through her unbridled enthusiasm and inspirational message that apparently comes directly from her own business experience. If someone has a very successful practice than I want to know their experience, hope, and strength. Her positive mind-set has helped shake me out of a "victim" and "scarsity" mindset that was polluting my "off" hours,i.e. the hours when I didn't have clients in my practice.

    Secondly, she offers a ton of practical advice for a clinician like me. How to start thinking like a business person in addition to being a skilled clinician? Her book has gently led me forward, past my resistences, towards thinking much more intelligently and responsibly about the business end of my work. ... Read more

    Isbn: 0393703312
    Sales Rank: 21628
    Subjects:  1. Counseling (Psychology)    2. Health Care Delivery    3. Marketing    4. Mental health counseling    5. Practice    6. Psychology    7. Psychology & Psychiatry Profession - General    8. Psychotherapists    9. Psychotherapy    10. Psychotherapy - Counseling    11. Psychotherapy - General    12. Reference    13. Medicine: General Issues    14. Small businesses & self-employed   


    HoMedics ES-1 Envira-Spa Aroma and Sound Machine
    Average Customer Review: 3.5 out of 5 stars
    Health and Beauty
    list price: $45.00
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France

    Editorial Review

    Just add some steamed towels to this aroma and sound machine and you have a complete home spa. The machine, which resembles a small flying saucer, combines the ancient art of aromatherapy with modern sound technology for a rich sensory experience. You can customize your spa environment by choosing from four all-natural scents and six soothing sounds: ocean waves, a summer night, a brook, spring rain, woodland sounds, or white noise. Try experimenting with sound and scent combinations: the "relaxation" aroma beads, a blend of lavender, chamomile, and sage, work well with the sound of ocean waves if you want to drift off to sleep, for example. You can also use your own essential oils to further broaden your relaxation options. There's an aromatherapy-only option if you'd rather listen to your own music, as well as a sound-only option. The machine is powered by an AC adapter or four AA batteries (not included) and is small enough to slip into a suitcase. --Laura Cuthbert ... Read more


    • Natural aroma beads included; also works with essential oils
    • Combines aromatherapy with relaxing sounds for a sensory experience
    • Easily portable at only 7 inches in diameter
    • Customize with a choice of six sounds and four scents
    • Powered by enclosed AC adapter or batteries (not included)
    Reviews (76)

    3-0 out of 5 stars for the money works well
    I have a child that is not a sleeper he did go as well as stay asleep with this machine it takes his abuse as well.The scent part is a bit lame it is not what I'd ever use again.

    3-0 out of 5 stars Just ok, not great, not terrible,
    I got one of these for my girlfriend for XMAS and it is ok.

    the great thing about it is that it has aroma and a noise maker, which are pretty difficult to find together.

    the bad, the beads are not much aroma, maybe for a 10x10 room, but for anything bigger I'd suggest a nice candle. another bad things is that the noise make can only be turned on for an hour max. this happends to be great for my girlfriend since she normally leaves the tv on at a low volume for about an hour, but for someone like me, i need the sound all night.

    the good, again it has noise maker + aroma. And you can use the scented oils in it, which i would highly suggest. forget the beads

    1-0 out of 5 stars Don't buy!
    I have only had it 5 months and the fan for the scents stopped working.I agree with others that the sounds are on a very short loop and you cannot use the scents with the sounds because the fan is very loud.And it does not make very much scent for all the racket it makes.

    A previous reviewer said you cannot run it continuously, but you can.You just keep cycling the timer button until the light goes out.Then you are able to run the noise or scents for as long as you like.

    It has a 2 year warranty and even though it's a hassle I'm sending mine back to the manufacturer. ... Read more

    Asin: B000050FF4
    Subjects:  1. Spa    2. Aromatherapy   

    Cafe' Nervosa: The Connoisseur's Cookbook
    Average Customer Review: 5.0 out of 5 stars
    Hardcover (01 October, 1996)
    list price: $14.95
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France
    Reviews (3)

    5-0 out of 5 stars Recipies That Are GREAT & Perfect For ANY Fan Of "Frasier!"
    You cannot go wrong with any cookbook that is published by Oxmoor House; and their cookbooks by Southern Living magazine &are EXCELLENT! I know because we have been using their books for over 21 years for ALL sorts of events, both formal and informal. I was delighted to see that they teamed up with Dr. Frasier Crane, and his brother Dr. Niles Crane to give us these GREAT receipes from the Cafe Nervosa. From the opening pages it will become VERY clear that this NOT a book to be taken lightly! The first color photograph that you see is for Prosciutto-and-Fontina Panini which is delicious! There are recipies for a number of muffins, biscuits and scones. There is a Cappuccino Biscotti that is very easy to make, a Mocha Nervosa Walnut Bread, Buttermilk Pancakes, and a Silken Sour Cream Coffee Cake. You will also find a great section that has recipes for lunch. There are several GOOD dessert Recipes, and yes, COFFEE!! All of this in just 105 pages, containing 12 full page color photographs of several finished recipes. You will also get MANY quotes from Frasier, Niles, Daphnae, Martin and Roz, which are witty and funny!

    If you are as big a fan of "Frasier" as I am, and LOVE GOOD food, then this very CLEVER cookbook is bound to please!!

    5-0 out of 5 stars Real recipes that really work!
    Every recipe I have tried has worked beautifully.Despite the appearances that this is just a novelty book, the ideas and combinations really create tasty foods.The dishes are fun and creative.Delicious!

    5-0 out of 5 stars Seattle has produced a winner!
    Being from the same city as Frasier and Niles Crane, I must admit that this is a great cookbook with tasty recipes.I feel sorry for Niles that his relationship with Maris hasn't worked out.Still I believe this is thebook for anyone who likes the show.Even if you don't watch"Frasier," you should still try their recipes.Keep the faith,Niles! You'll find somebody. ... Read more

    Isbn: 0848715500
    Sales Rank: 426804
    Subjects:  1. Cookery, American    2. Cooking    3. Cooking / Wine    4. General   

    PalmOne IIIc Personal Handheld Organizer
    Average Customer Review: 4.0 out of 5 stars
    list price: $299.99
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France

    Editorial Review

    For the technophile who refuses to see the world in black and white,Palm has created the Palm IIIc handheld--a color version of the company'simmensely popular Palm III handheld. Measuring 5.06 by 3.17 by 0.67 inches andweighing less than 7 ounces, the Palm IIIc handheld is one of the smallest andlightest full-color handhelds available. Its active-matrix screen producesvivid, crisp colors and is viewable from many angles in both dim and brightlight.

    While the color screen may be enough to dazzle many prospective users, the PalmIIIc handheld still performs all the functions of earlier models of the PalmIII. It offers date book, address book, mail, to-do list, memo pad, expense,calculator, and security applications. Its built-in 8 MB of memory is as high astorage capacity as is available in any Palm handheld. To quantify what 8 MBcapacity means, the Palm IIIc handheld can hold 10,000 addresses, five years ofappointments, 3,000 to-do items, 3,000 memos, and 400 e-mail messages. There iseven leftover storage space for databases, books, image viewers, and games,making the Palm IIIc handheld an ally to any serious PDA user.

    Equipped with a HotSync cradle and software, the Palm IIIc handheld is ready forlocal and remote synchronization out of the box. You can back up or transferdata to and from the handheld and your desktop PC or Macintosh (specialconnectors required) in minutes. It's also ready for a modem (availableseparately) and the Internet with its TCP/IP software. The Palm IIIc handheldincludes an infrared port, allowing you to beam data and applications to anyother infrared-enabled Palm OS handheld or to connect to other infrared-enableddevices such as cellular phones, pagers, and laptops.

    The Palm IIIc handheld runs for about two weeks on a fully charged lithiumbattery, which is included. The box also includes a synchronizing HotSync cradleand battery charger, a metal stylus, organizer software, a handbook, Palm'sGetting Started guide, and a DB-25 adapter. ... Read more


    • 8 MB RAM stores thousands of addresses, to-do items, memos, and more
    • Beautiful high-contrast TFT color display; includes extensive suite of color-enhanced applications
    • Long-life rechargeable lithium-ion battery
    • Easily transfer data from your handheld to your PC or Macintosh
    • What's in the box: Palm IIIc, lithium battery, synchronizing HotSync cradle, protective flip lid, battery charger, metal stylus, organizer software, handbook, Palm's Getting Started guide, and a DB-25 adapter
    Reviews (95)

    4-0 out of 5 stars 3 1/2 Years of Day in and Day Out Use
    The Palm IIIc is by all accounts a dinosaur by today's PDA Standards.But there was a time when this was leading-edge PDA technology.Back in 2000, this was Palm's first entry into the Color PDA market (using a Palm OS). In fairness, the market and technology have truly now headed to pace where most consumers can't even keep up. However, if you aren't interested in having the latest/greatest technology, the Palm IIIc may be a true bargain if you are looking for solid PDA technology.

    When Palm released the IIIc, it was based on the highly successful flagship PDA - the Palm III.It would contain 8MB of memory - back in 2000 this was very good. It also would make use of a lithium ion battery. No more battery changes - you could easily just place the Palm IIIc cradle and a AC Adapter would plug into the cradle and you could get a charge (and powering on a PC was not necessary). While the standard Palm III had a gray casing, the IIIc was more black. There was a rumor that the color display was a battery hog. I can honestly say in the 3 1/2 years I had my Palm IIIc, I never had an issue regarding the battery.It comes with a sturdy stylus. The OS that comes with the Palm IIIc out of the box is OS 3.5.I never bothered or had a need to upgrade it - it did the job just fine for me.I never had an issue with loading applications. I make major use of HanDBase and AvantGo and all the applications run smoothly with no crashing.

    There are two issues I have had with the device.If you are buying this used - you should be aware of them. The first is the cover - the cover is plastic and is essential for keeping your screen clean and scratch free. Twice I have had the problem of a crack in the plastic on the hinge area. I had a heck of a time trying to get a replacement (see my next paragraph on accessories) - I eventually got one used and payed way too much for it on an online auction.That one then cracked as well and this time I resorted to superglue.The second issue is that after 3 1/2 years of use, the writing area has seemed to have worn out and my Graffiti isn't getting recognized consistently anymore I used the Palm IIIc everyday - several times a day.It got a workout, but I still expect that to last longer than it did. It was this problem that led me to upgrade my PDA.

    Accessories are in general a consumer ripoff with any product and Palm IIIc is no exception. What I have noticed about PDA accessories - especially Palm ones is that they are way overpriced when they are being sold, but if you wait to long you can't get replacement parts.I thought it was ridicolous how difficult I had to look around for a replacement cover.If you buy this used, you won't have an easy time getting accessories and parts. On the positive side, I did wait and get a keyboard and Travel adapter that was being cleared out in a clearance rack at a rock bottom price ($30 for keyboard and $20 for travel adapter). Just another gripe here -why can't Palm (or anyone else) figure a way to let you upgrade your PDAs and keep all of your same accessories. I think people would be more apt to upgrade their PDAs.

    One other note on the color display - it won't give you nearly the same pixel resolution that you can get on today's newer models, but it isn't all that bad.

    Look out and you may actually get a great deal and get a lot of use.Ask a lot of questions on the condition of it if its used.I got 3 1/2 years of some of the toughest daily use around. I feel I got my money's worth.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Still a solid value
    Great, with one caveat: *very* hard to find replacement batteries nowadays -- you will eventually need one.There is only one place I know where you can order it (cheap, only $35 for a lithium ion rechargable):

    This was the first-ever color PDA, I bought one of the first ones and used it to death.Finally after banging the heck out of it, I upgraded to a Tungsten, but the IIIc is great for anybody who just needs basic Palm functionality with a color screen.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Bought this as a gift for my "has it all" boyfriend...
    Not knowing what to get my boyfriend for Christmas this year, I figured he could benefit from a PDA.I did hours of research on various makes and models of PDAs on amazon.com (because I take customer reviews pretty seriously).I was 100% sold on this model.Not only did I get to check out all the specs, but there was an option to "see it in action" (I didn't get to play with it before he did because we're currently across the country from each other.And that's another plus -- I took a chance and it turned out great!).Even though it's not the latest and most high-tech model out there, my extremely finicky (when it comes to electronics) boyfriend has done nothing but rave about it.He is very impressed by the crispness of the color screen and how no-nonsense it is, and especially the size of the memory which is 8 MB.It comes with simple organizational stuff like to-do lists, calendars, address/phone number book and more, which can all be backed up on your home computer.It also has a rechargeable battery which is good for the forgetful types (hence why I bought him a PDA in the first place), and can last without a charge for close to two weeks.For the great price and overall package of aesthetics, size, and an easy use, I highly recommend this Palm for the no-frills, first-time PDA owner. ... Read more

    Asin: B00004RC2E
    Subjects:  1. Personal Digital Assistant (PDA, Electronic Organizer)    2. Palm Connected    3. Handheld (Hand Held)   

    Genovation 634 Travelboard Keyboard for PDA
    Average Customer Review: 5.0 out of 5 stars
    list price: $79.99
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France

    Editorial Review

    The Travelboard 634 is a portable, sleek, and lightweight keyboard designed especially for the Palm line of PDAs, including the Palm Pilot and the Palm III, IIIx, V, and VII. The 62-key keyboard includes six programmable functions keys with easy to use pop-up redefinition software.

    Installation is easy. Genovation includes an automatic installation program and an operations manual. No additional cables are required because the Travelboard connects easily to the Palm Pilot's cradle via the serial port, or you can use a Palm accessory cable with a serial port connection.

    The Travelboard draws absolutely no power from the Palm. The Travelboard requires only three easily replaceable AAA batteries. ... Read more


    • Easy-to-use redefinition software
    • Automatic installation program and operation manual
    • Connects using standard serial cable with DB9 connector (included)
    • Supports any 3Com Palm PDA (including Pilot, III series, V, VII)
    • Full-size keyboard with 62 keys
    Reviews (2)

    5-0 out of 5 stars Great for Palm users - some strengths & weaknesses
    I love mine because I can plug it into my Palm VIIx and update notes, my time card and other chores that I need to quickly take care of when my PDA is far away from my PC.

    There are some things you need to consider when deciding between this and the more portable offerings from Palm Computing and Targus. Consider the strengths and weaknesses of this keyboard and the alternatives, then decide:

    Strengths:The Genovation's typing area is well designed and solid.I didn't care for the flimsy feel of the Targus and Palm portables. It also draws zero power, ensuring that you do not drain your PDA's batteries prematurely.

    Weaknesses:The Genovation keyboard is not portable in the same sense as the Targus and Palm offerings, both of which fold neatly into a package the size of your PDA. If you take notes at meetings the Genovation is much quieter - the alternatives make clacking sounds while the Genovation keyboard makes no noise. So it boils down to how much "baggage" you want to drag to the meeting, and the distraction factor of keyboard noise.

    Things to consider:Genovation claims that they have a Windows CE driver for this keyboard, but that it does not work with Pocket PCs (such as the HP 54x-series, Compaq iPaq, etc.)I have an older driver disk that allowed this keyboard to work flawlessly with an HP 545, so I know it can be done. However, do not expect Genovation to support this.They also claim that this keyboard will not work with Handspring PDAs, so if you have one of those pass this keyboard up.Finally, if your Palm PDA is one of the newer models that use USB instead of serial, this keyboard will not work for you - it connects via a serial connection.

    I love mine, but my needs may be different from yours. If you value ergonomics and are willing to sacrifice some portability this is a wonderful peripheral for your Palm PDA.If size does matter, then consider either the Palm or Targus keyboards, which fold into a remarkably small size.

    5-0 out of 5 stars A Superb Keyboard
    A really nice tactile feel to the keys, with larger hands, the GOTYPE wasn't an option. This is one though keyboard, with slightly smaller key placement than a full keyboard. I use my palm as a "mini-laptop" for lots of note-taking and flash-card review. It's lightweight, yet verytough. Software is easy to set up--I was up using it in about 5 min.Couldn't be happier with this one. ... Read more

    Asin: B00000JYWR
    Subjects:  1. Keyboard (Keyboards)    2. Personal Digital Assistant (PDA, Electronic Organizer)    3. Palm IIIe (3e)    4. Stylus Pen (Styli)    5. Keyboards (Input Devices)    6. Handheld (Hand Held)    7. Palm v (5)    8. (Input Devices)    9. Palm vii (7)   

    Groundhog Day
    by Bill Murray Andie MacDowell
    Director: Harold Ramis
    Average Customer Review: 4.5 out of 5 stars
    VHS Tape (02 July, 2002)
    list price: $9.95
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France

    Editorial Review

    Bill Murray does warmth in his most consistently effective post-Stripes comedy, a romantic fantasy about a wacky weatherman forced to relive one strange day over and over again, until he gets it right. Snowed in during a road-trip expedition to watch the famous groundhog encounter his shadow, Murray falls into a time warp that is never explained but pays off so richly that it doesn't need to be. The elaborate loop-the-loop plot structure cooked up by screenwriter Danny Rubin is crystal-clear every step of the way, but it's Murray's world-class reactive timing that makes the jokes explode, and we end up looking forward to each new variation. He squeezes all the available juice out of every scene. Without forcing the issue, he makes us understand why this fly-away personality responds so intensely to the radiant sanity of the TV producer played by Andie MacDowell. The blissfully clueless Chris Elliott (Cabin Boy) is Murray's nudnik cameraman. --David Chute ... Read more


    • Color
    • Closed-captioned
    • NTSC
    Reviews (255)

    5-0 out of 5 stars A highly entertaining fantasy
    How would you like to live the same day over and over?Well, for some of us, it feels that way occasionally.But in this fantasy, our hero does just that.He keeps living the same day over again, trying different things each time, learning from his mistakes, and getting more and more talented.It's a great concept for a movie, and it is a great comedy.

    One minor change I would have made in the movie is this: I would have had some indicator so the audience would know just how many times our hero had gone through the day.Early in the movie, that number might read 1, then 2, then 3.But later, it might be a hilariously large number.

    Now, is there a profound concept behind all this?Um, I don't think so.If I had to live through thousands of similar days, would I try to get better at music or art?Maybe!And sooner or later, I might start phoning up all sorts of scientists, find out what theoretical problems they were working on, and, eventually, solve them. After that, I'd be phoning those scientists to tell them the answers to their problems, on the spot.I'd also be finding a way to do all sorts of computer searches each day, systematically looking for needle-in-haystack kinds of solutions to problems.Eventually, I'd find some interesting stuff.And it would be easy to prepare an absolutely unbelievable chess opening book (although one would have to memorize it).Oh, there is plenty even one person could accomplish, given enough time.If you watch this movie, you'll find that you'll wonder about what you might do with so many chances to live a day over and over.

    4-0 out of 5 stars Great in spite of some cheap laughs and oversentimentality
    This film has been shown in Eastern Philosophy classes to put reincarnation in simple context.Some of the more profound implications of the scenario were unfortunately scrapped to play to a mainstream audience.Nevertheless the pros outweigh the cons, one being a great vehicle for Bill Murray's improvisation.

    There is at least one implication of the scenario overlooked by almost everyone: namely if Bill Murray lives the same day over and over then what happens to everyone else in the world?The only possible solution to this, considering noone else is living it over and over (that we know of), is the many worlds theory.So each new twist of the day creates a new scenario that of course gets played out in the universe that the film's Phil doesn't get to see.So when Phil commits suicide, he really DOES die in that alternate world.So what's happening obviously is his MEMORIES of reliving the same day with different scenarios keep building up more and more.

    So how do these memories get transmuted back to him each 6AM on February 2nd?The original script explained it as a former girlfriend casting a spell on him.In reincarnation theory what dies isn't consciousness, but memory, and some anecdotes exist of those who recall past lives.So what could account for Phil?Somehow the spell would have to stop the death of memory so he not only keeps remembering the future 24 hours, but remembers all the OTHER future 24 hours.The writer estimated 10 years worth, though the original script called for 10,000 years worth of Feb. 2s, which as you can imagine would make this that much more hellish.The fact that Phil starts out each day the same physically shows that the only thing caught in the time loop is his memory.

    Now, I like the dialogue and find it funny, but one must admit some of it is strictly cheap laughs.But as far as any overall "moral message" it gets lost in oversentimentality especially at the end.The message is suppose to be that we must keep repeating things until we get them right; problem is the way Phil chooses to get things right is to YES, use TRICKS to get what he wants, which is Rita (Andie MacDowell).The first night he gets her home she is wise to him, but the last he so utilizes
    the TRICKS as to impress her beyond belief.Remember that close to to last night he tells her the truth of how he knows so much, but NOT the last "perfect" day.On THAT day he basically lies to her by impressing her WITHOUT telling her the reason he is able to do so.So actually the film's moral reads: become a master of deceit to get what you want.

    If the film took the more profound path instead of playing to the mainstream it would have been a classic.As it is it's a very good comedy...but it could have been so much more.

    4-0 out of 5 stars Never Anything Quite Like It
    No one invented quite such an original premise as is depicted in this movie.

    And it works great as a chaser after seeing "I Heart Huckabees."It's every bit as existential, and frames a proposition for personal growth out of a nightmarish stagnation as compared to the complete freedom of time enjoyed by the "Huckabees" folks.

    No matter where you go, there you are.Each film says that it is up to us to make something better.This film says that once you get to a place of generosity, other-centeredness and relentless good will, you can be redeemed - if only to figure out anew what to do with all the time we've been given. ... Read more

    Asin: 6302820448
    Subjects:  1. Feature Film-comedy   

    Atomix 541 - 12" Natural Finish Atomic Clock
    Average Customer Review: 3.5 out of 5 stars
    list price: $69.99
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France

    Editorial Review

    Never set your clock again! The Atomix 541 receives and decodes thesignal from the U.S. Atomic Clock at the National Institute of Standards andTechnology in Fort Collins, Colorado. An internal receiver automatically setsthe clock and refreshes the signal several times a day, ensuring daily accuracyto within a fraction of a second.

    Recent boosts in signal strength haveimproved reception in remote areas. The Atomix 541 automatically adjusts itselfto daylight savings time and back to standard time.

    This clock comes in anatural finish, with black numerals on a white face. The time is displayed inhours, minutes, and seconds. It runs on one AA battery, included with purchase,which lasts an average of two years. ... Read more


    • Features attractive natural finish and tasteful display
    • Clock never needs setting
    • Receives and decodes U.S. Atomic Clock signal
    • Refreshes time several times a day based on signal
    • Automatically self-adjusts to daylight-saving time
    Reviews (7)

    4-0 out of 5 stars Accurate about 361 days a year
    I've owned this clock for 15 months now. It is well made and surprisingly durable (I dropped it from a height of about 7 feet to the floor and it never stopped.) I purposely let the battery drain down-the second hand moves only every two seconds to show the battery is low. It took 13 months before that happened. My problem with it is with it updating to and from daylight savings time. The first time it took nearly a day and a half for it to decide to fall back to standard time (it actually goes ahead eleven hours). Come daylight savings in the spring I eventually gave up and took the battery out and put it back in again just to kick start the time change. This past fall it seem to work great. I got up in the morning and it was on standard time. I was so happy. Then the next day it decided to jump back to daylight savings time again. What was that about!? Overall I like the clock. It is dead accurate most of the time. Once in a while I'll catch it jumping ahead a few seconds or running full speed around twelve hours plus. (It does that to fall back a few seconds.) If you are a stickler with accurate time this clock will have you happy most days of the year.

    2-0 out of 5 stars It works but poorly constructed
    If you are looking for a sharp, well built clock for your office this isn't the one. It works as advertised but I was surprised at the shoddy workmanship and finish on the bezel. The joints have huge gaps in them and the wood has multiple nicks & scratches as well as a very poor finish. Mine is going out in the barn where it will fit in quite well.

    Final update: I called the company that makes this clock and told them about the battery eating nature of the thing. They gave me an RMA number and shipped me a new clock which has been working fine for the last two weeks and has a much nicer fit and finish.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Very nice clock to have
    We have this clock now for about a month and it is functiong
    perfectly. It seems always a bit funny/odd to me how radio-controlled clocks have to be 'initialized'. This one was overall
    quite easy to get synchronized with the radio signal. I followed
    the instructions and used the nice feature of 'signal-strength'
    testing which lets you know if you have a reasonable chance at
    a particular spot in the house for getting a good radio signal.
    It synchronized the first night (living in the East Bay Area, CA). I like that one can choose so many different looks for this
    clock. Supposedly it will adjust for daylight saving time. That will be a pleasant feature. It is nice to have a clock that shows the exact time. ... Read more

    Asin: B00004WFWJ
    Subjects:  1. Atomic Clock (Clocks)    2. Accessories (Accessory)    3. Wall Clock (Clocks)   

    Dare to Change Your Job and Your Life
    Average Customer Review: 5.0 out of 5 stars
    Paperback (01 December, 1999)
    list price: $16.95 -- our price: $11.53
    (price subject to change: see help)
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France
    Reviews (8)

    5-0 out of 5 stars Dare to take back your life
    One of the highroads to dissappointment and failure is job dissatisfaction.

    I find it interesting that many people are unwilling to change jobs or careers while all the time complaining how bad their company is. Or people who get downsized and go right back in the same type of job.

    Carole Kanchier, Ph.d offers a long overdue perspective. She says, "The choice is yours. You can complain or you can change."

    Kanchier offers self evaluation. She suggests:

    * Redine success. Maintain harmony between who you are and what
    you do. Consider that job satisfaction may be more important
    than money or position.

    * Know yourself and what you want; Identify your mission in life.
    Modify goals as you learn more about yourself.
    Are you growing or standing still.

    * Take career control. Think of building a career rather
    than applying for a job. Develop a habit of lifelong
    learning and self improvement.

    *Enhance creativity. Trust and value intuition. Learn to
    relax and have fun.

    *Think positively. Learn to say "I can" rather than "I
    can't" View setbacks as a learning experience. Listen
    to motivational tapes. Reas inspiritional books.
    Associate with positive people. Begin and end each
    day with positive thoughts.

    *Develop resilience: Balance fear of change with committment
    Put on the blinders. Get tough. Break goals into small
    success steps.

    Dare to change your life and your job is a great book that
    will help you take back your life and step up to success.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Powerful--A must read for everyone!
    Carole Kanchier, Ph.d offers powerful and specific advice for those unhappy. She says, "The choice is yours. You can complain or you can change."

    Here is what she suggests:

    * Redfine Success

    * Know yourself

    * Take career control

    * Enhance creativity

    * Think positively

    * Develop resilience

    Overall a good read and I highly recomend it.

    5-0 out of 5 stars At last!
    Well, it was about time, finding a book that answered all my questions about what I really wanted out of life and, but of course, my fears and doubts.I was so trapped in my job, believing every manipulation corporate America put into my head.Now, I know what I want to do, and I am not afraid to risk and lose.Job satisfaction is more important than the money I'll lose, or that I'll make in the future.I just want to be happy. Security? There's no security anywhere, so the only risk I can avoid is the risk of not trying it.You should, too. Just read the book, and see what I mean. ... Read more

    Isbn: 1563705567
    Sales Rank: 427933
    Subjects:  1. Business & Economics    2. Career changes    3. Career development    4. Career/Job    5. Careers - General    6. Careers - Job Hunting    7. Careers / Job Opportunities    8. General    9. Personal Growth - Success    10. Vocational guidance   


    Santa Fe Style
    Average Customer Review: 4.0 out of 5 stars
    Hardcover (15 April, 1993)
    list price: $45.00
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France
    Reviews (5)

    4-0 out of 5 stars A New Appreciation.
    This book is a good introduction to the Santa Fe Style, and covers all aspects of it from historical to the present. There are lots of great colour photo's and lots of old B&W photo's also. I just bought the book for information on the famous Boulder House, but after reading it I came away with more of an appreciation of the architecture, interiors, and culture of Santa Fe.

    5-0 out of 5 stars History and Great Ideas
    The book was just what I was looking for, history of the Santa Fe style and great ideas for the adobe home I am planning on building in New Mexico.I have the plans, and needed the details, ideas for windows, corbels, portales, carving on the wood work, etc,etc. I came away with a whole notebook full of ideas!It is a beautiful book with over 450 gorgeous photos. Chock full of interior and exterior decorator ideas.

    3-0 out of 5 stars Real disappointment. Book filled with black & white photos.
    Santa Fe decorating style is an inviting decor which overlaps several regions with warmth and a comfort feeling.Although this book, SANTA FE STYLE, has an inviting cover and beautiful color photographs, it is filledwith black and white photos of interiors as well...too many for the cost ofthis book.Overall has a "dated" look to it, oversized fonts andpoor use of white space, and photos are often lost in the centerbindings...all a major distraction to this book.Consider Mexican CountryStyle by Witnyski & Carr. ... Read more

    Isbn: 0847807347
    Sales Rank: 150929
    Subjects:  1. Architecture, Domestic    2. Decorating    3. Domestic    4. General    5. Home Improvement / Construction    6. Influence    7. Interior Design    8. Interior Design - Style Books    9. New Mexico    10. Pueblos    11. Santa Fe    12. Vernacular Architecture    13. Architecture / Interior Design   

    Women Who Run with the Wolves
    Average Customer Review: 4.5 out of 5 stars
    Paperback (27 November, 1996)
    list price: $7.99 -- our price: $7.99
    (price subject to change: see help)
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France
    Reviews (74)

    5-0 out of 5 stars Running with the Reviews
    It has been almost a year since I read Wolves, and I have recommended it to several people who have helped me to see things from a broader perspective. Because of that, I felt compelled to look through the reviews posted here at Amazon to see what some other readers thought of what Dr. Estes has written. I was not surprized at the impact this book has had on almost everyone who has taken the time to post a review. I am also not surprized that a few reviewers just didn't get it. Much of what we are becomes known to us through both the words we read and the words we write. We never know ourselves totally because we continue to evolve, but certainly insight into where we have come from helps us to cope with where we are at any given time and helps provide a meaningful context for our continued evolution. I think perhaps those readers who didn't get it were still trapped by their belief in the limitations and restrictions imposed by others, but I do not judge, just speculate. Those who did get it, almost all communicated in a manner that (to me at least) reflected their awareness of life as being evolutionary, ever changing and wondrous. Some of us, perhaps most of us, will continue to play the various roles we have learned to play in order to survive the various situations we find ourselves in. But some of us do believe in our own power and believe that power embodies both the choices we make and the responsibility we accept for the consequences of those choices. I'm just a man, but the women I most admire, the ones who are really important to me, they all "run with the wolves!"

    5-0 out of 5 stars Saved my spirit
    This is probably for me one of the most powerful things I have ever read.If I had the power, it wound be read by especially every woman in the world and men.

    I say to Dr. Estes Thank you for this gift of spirit and soul life that is and will remain a work in progress.

    Marina Moll

    5-0 out of 5 stars Shockingly true
    I'm a 37 year old female, a graduate from a women's college (and I'm sure this book was on at least one class syllabus, but I did not read it then), and I'm shocked at how the stories mirror my life experiences.The Red Shoes and Bluebeard are most disturbing.Lessons I wish I had learned years ago!This is a great book.Should be required reading for every woman living in our culture.And any man who wants to really understand women (and, in turn, himself) should also read it.I don't agree w/ everything she says, but for the most part, she's really onto something true and real in our culture. ... Read more

    Isbn: 0345409876
    Sales Rank: 6094
    Subjects:  1. Folklore    2. Folklore & Mythology - Folklore    3. General    4. Literary Criticism    5. Psychology    6. Sociology    7. Wild women    8. Women    9. Women's Studies - General    10. Body, Mind & Spirit / New Age   


    Mother Teresa : In My Own Words
    Average Customer Review: 4.5 out of 5 stars
    Hardcover (07 October, 1997)
    list price: $6.99 -- our price: $5.99
    (price subject to change: see help)
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France

    Editorial Review

    Though Mother Teresa's words may be spare, her good deeds are abundant. The messages in this lovely collection--directed at coworkers, sisters, and others eager to hear the words of someone who lived the challenge she presented to others--are sure to provide inspiration for anyone who reads them. The quotes, stories, and prayers are a testament to the 1979 Nobel Peace Prize winner's generosity and strength of spirit: "Good works are links that form a chain of love"; "I never will understand all the good that a simple smile can accomplish"; "Before judging the poor, we have to examine with sincerity our own conscience." Mother Teresa's words and deeds fortified and inspired the poor, the dying, and the suffering. These powerful messages, combined with black-and-white photos of this highly regarded woman doing the work she loved, make for a truly unforgettable book. ... Read more

    Reviews (12)

    5-0 out of 5 stars Shegave her life for the "POOR & SICK" of this world
    This book is indeed a great book about a saintly woman, who rubbed shoulders with the "rich and powerful" in the world, and still her heart was always with the "poor & sick" of this world.She toiled day and night to take care the "poor and sick" rotting in the streets of Calcutta. No wonder one billionHindus in India treated her like a "Holy Mother" and gave her a royal funeral fit for a queen, when she died.Generations to come, will hardly believe such a person like Mother Theresa, once walked in flesh and blood upon this earth.I always wonder what make this world so great and so loving.It is because of people like Mother Theresa.

    5-0 out of 5 stars words of great wisdom
    This book is made up entirely of Mother Teresa's anecdotes and sayings. The author tells us little about this saintly woman except that Mother Teresa was very clear in her goals: to love and serve the poor and to see Jesus in everyone. She always left the ways and means to do this in God's hands. These are a few of the passages that inspired me.

    "Holiness does not consist in doing extraordinary things. It consists in accepting, with a smile, what Jesus sends us. It consists in accepting and following the will of God."

    "Holiness is not the luxury of a few. It is everyone's duty: yours and mine."

    "In order to be saints, you have to seriously want to be one. Saint Thomas Aquinas assures us that holiness "is nothing else but a resolution made, the heroic act of a soul that surrenders to God." And he adds: "Spontaneously we love God, we run towards him, we get close to him, we possess him." Our willingness is important because it changes us into the image of God and likens us to him! The decision to be holy is a very dear one. Renunciation, temptations, struggles, persecutions, and all kinds of sacrifices are what surround the soul that has opted for holiness."

    "Prayer makes your heart bigger, until it is capable of containing the gift of God himself."

    "Prayer does not demand that we interrupt our work, but that we continue working as if it were prayer."

    "To love with a pure heart, to love everybody, especially to love the poor, is a twenty-four-hour prayer."

    "My secret is a very simple one: I pray. To pray to Christ is to love him."

    "Prayer is not asking. Prayer is putting oneself in the hands of God, at his disposition, and listening to his voice in the depths of our hearts."

    "Every day at communion time, I communicate two of my feelings to Jesus. One is gratefulness, because he has helped me to persevere until today. The other is a request: teach me to pray."

    "Never forget, my children, that the poor are our masters. That is why we should love them and serve them, with utter respect, and do what they bid us."

    "I ask you one thing: do not tire of giving, but do not give your leftovers. Give until it hurts, until you feel the pain."

    "Let us ask God, when it comes time to ask him for something, to help us to be generous."

    "The poor are great! The poor are wonderful! The poor are very generous! They give us much more than we give them."

    "Today it is very fashionable to talk about the poor. Unfortunately, it is not fashionable to talk with them."

    "Do we share with the poor, just like Jesus shared with us?"

    "Whoever the poorest of the poor are, they are Christ for us - Christ under the guise of human suffering."

    "Our food, our dress: it all must be just like the poor. The poor are Christ himself."

    "The less we have, the more we give. Seems absurd, but it's the logic of love."

    "True love causes pain. Jesus, in order to give us the proof of his love, died on the cross. A mother, in order to give birth to her baby, has to suffer. If you really love one another, you will not be able to avoid making sacrifices."

    "Someone once told me that not even for a million dollars would they touch a leper. I responded: "Neither would I. If it were a case of money, I would not even do it for two million. On the other hand, I do it gladly for love of God."

    "I will never tire of repeating this: what the poor need the most is not pity but love. They need to feel respect for their human dignity, which is neither less nor different from the dignity of any other human being."

    My elderly parents-in-law often talk about the time when they met Mother Teresa. This book is probably the closest we will get to sitting at her feet and listening to her words of wisdom.

    Words of great wisdom

    5-0 out of 5 stars An expression of love for her fellow humans
    This collection of quotes was put together by Jose Luis Gonzalez-Balado a year before Mother Teresa's death. It is an indispensable collection of wisdom for those who work with the poor or who are concerned for them.

    Her words are categorised into fifteen chapters some dealing specifically with her work among the poor and others being more general. Mother Teresa, was of course, a Roman Catholic nun and as a result much of her material centers on Christ and finding him among the poor. However, even if you are not Roman Catholic you will find the message endearing. It is one of love and concern for our fellow human beings. ... Read more

    Isbn: 0517201690
    Subjects:  1. Biography & Autobiography    2. Biography/Autobiography    3. Catholic Church    4. Catholic authors    5. Christian life    6. Inspirational - Catholic    7. Religious    8. Sale Adult - Inspirational    9. Spiritual life    10. Biography & Autobiography / Religious   


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